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Emgoldex USA

Emgoldex USA & Gold & Silver Physical Metals

Emgoldex USA & Gold & Silver Physical Metals

Emgoldex & Gold & Silver Physical Metals

Emgoldex USA: For 5000 years, from the Pharaohs to the president, gold has always embodied a sign of power and wealth. The one who had gold, always had money. Nothing has changed in our days. Whoever has the gold, will always have money. Nations disappeared, currencies disappeared, only gold remains a measure of the value of goods and services. Gold is a unique product that never depreciates, and devalue only those goods that can never be compared to gold. Calmness can be bought only for gold. It is an indisputable fact!

German company Gold & Silver Physical Metals has developed a completely new and revolutionary method for the conquest of the world retail market of precious metals, namely, the sale of investment gold bars in the New Vision.
With sustained experience of retail sales of investment gold, the company combines traditional direct sales with a specially – developed system of moving goods on the recommendations by offering a new investment and trade program Emgolgex & Emgoldex USA.

Emgoldex USA & Emgoldex Hispano USA.

The main objective of the Emgoldex USA program is to offer their customers an investment gold bars at the most advantageous, competitive-able, world prices.
Thanks to such vision of the market and a purpose to expand a market and increase sales in the global market via the Internet, emgoldex program offers its clients a system of sale with a payment of commission for advertising, consultation and attraction of clients. On the obtained reward the bars of investment gold are bought.
To provide an opportunity for all clients of the company to participate in an investment – trading program Emgoldex, having made an order and open the initial deposit in the company for the purchase of investment gold in bars.
To provide an opportunity for many people to create their own capital at the expense of understanding the idea of how you can earn permanently and consistently, and how favourably you can apply your work in the development of additional income in the form of regularly arriving compensation, on which the bars of investment gold will be purchased.
Possessing the small starting capital and having opened an initial deposit in the company, due to the overwhelming desire and the effort to create your own gold reserves and gold reserves of your family, wich is not subservient to time, nor to the political and economic shocks.
Provide an opportunity to buy and sell your investment gold and attract new customers in exchange for commission, intended for the purchase of an investment gold.
Implement recommendations for purchases and sales of investment gold via the Internet worldwide.

Emgoldex USA & Emgoldex Hispano USA.

To expand the market and increasing sales, Gold & Silver Physical Metals has developed and adopted new business model, which has embodied in the Goldex program .
The model is a specially designed system based on a mathematical algorithm. A specially designed computer program provides an opportunity to carry out and complete the cycles of purchases and sales of gold bars with the participation of the buyers, thereby expanding the market worldwide.
Now everyone who wants to have an investment gold, has an opportunity to get an order for the purchase and sale of an investment gold and participate in the Goldex program. In addition, the Buyer shall fulfill an easy, minimal conditions of the program available to all segments of the population. To involve only two new customers.
Sales System, developed by the experts of Gold & Silver Physical Metals includes the best elements of modern marketing.
All incoming customer orders are placed on one table of orders and in process of receipt of new Orders move ahead on compensation and make its completion.
1.Owners of the orders work together on filling with orders of one common table of orders

2.The order of the buyer should pass two cycles of the Main table

3.The revolving system allows to issue a new Order on the termination of the Order of the buyer

4.Unlimited quantity of closed cycles

5.Movement system for the leader

6.Leadership program


Marketing program of the company
THE TOP TEN REASONS TO INVEST IN GOLD10. Gold has and always will be the most legendary precious metal in the world.

9. Gold is a real honest money, which was thought up by mankind during all of its existence.

8. As this irreplaceable natural resources and reserves of gold in the earth’s crust is gradually exhausted, gold will always be in demand and demand is increasing.

7. Gold is a hedge against inflation.

6. Unlike paper currency, stocks and bonds, gold never loses its intrinsic value.

5. Gold maintains its value through political and social upheavals, wars, and natural disasters.

4. Property values and high liquidity allows gold to really be the only international currency.

3. Gold bars is the safest way of investing in gold.

2. Gold should be part of every investment portfolio.

1. No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold!


Goldex Program


In February 2014 Emgoldex company organizes traditional Leaders Cruise in the most winter-looking month of the year, to the Persian Gulf – Dubai, Fujairah, Muscat (Oman), Abu Dhabi.

Emgoldex USA & Gold & Silver Physical Metals !!!

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